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Mattaniah Studios was developed as a Sanctuary of bringing Glory to

God Our Father and His Son Christ Jesus, through the Praise and Worship

of Song. We maintain at 
Mattaniah Studios to keeping The Word of God

and Bringing Glory to His name ~ as central to our Mission and entire

reason for being. Our aim, is to address young and old alike, new Christian,

lifelong Christian as well as those still listening for the call of Our Lord, 

through the gift of song and lyric. 
Mattaniah Studios is dedicated to a

Godly production atmosphere and like publishing environment, that

glorifies God and the growth of His Kingdom.

   We are most excited to have in production at this time, our first full length

CD entitled "OUT OF THE DESERT." We are currently in the recording

studio and looking for a release date ~ coming soon.



   Join us in this journey of "OUT OF THE DESERT," where we witness the conversion of a very successful sinner; from

the depths of emptiness and the hallows of evil, through an adventure greater than any sci-fi epic or fantasy game. This

story is in many ways indicative of, all salvation history, and the very role "we" play in The Kingdom of Heaven, where

God is constantly taking ordinary, sometimes even lowly characters, and creating in them Great "extra-ordinary," stories

of Glory.


                                                      N e h e m i a h   12.8

                "And the Levites: Jeshua, Binnui, Kadmiel, Sherebiah, Judah, and Mattaniah, 
                           who with his brothers was in charge of the songs of thanksgiving."