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About Us


We believe at Mattaniah Studios ~ that music has the capacity

to speak to the heart in a way that words sometimes fail to. My

 own coming to a real and palpable relationship, with the One

 True God, was in many ways, through music. Music was able to

penetrate my spirit, where people were trying, but falling short.

Music was there with me, alone in a room, keeping me company,

when I desired the company of no one. Music was able to

minister to my heart, directly and in a way that seemed selfless,

pure and unconstrained. I would listen to the same words being

said by a person, who I knew to mean well, but felt more

intrigued by, and receptive of, when hearing the very same

message in a song. Many times in my walk, through the years,

it has been music that has helped break me down to a point of

seeing His plan for me, by rebuilding my heart piece by broken

piece, into a work of Glory. 


                            Psalm 46:10

        "Be still and know that I am God."

Mattaniah Studios
is proud to have in production, a workshop of songs built to address the path we take when 

we choose Christ. The songs being written at 
Mattaniah are  focused on the everyday hurt and pain, that finding

ourselves in a fallen-world, separated from God, has caused us. The songs written at Mattaniah, target the excuses, that

keep us from giving up control of what we think we are in control of, and just handing the reigns over to the Creator of

the universe (John 1.3). The topics addressed are often regarding the false sense of power we think we have over 

our work, our relationships, and ultimately our destiny. The true focus in this process that we are putting a light on - is

that when we give up control of all the things we struggle attempting to maintain, and when we let go of the controls;

when we let go of the 
reigns and hand them over to Christ, we find, through His Grace, that we are at our true strength

when we are at our most profound point of weakness.